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A Bandwidth Tool to use with the progression in technology and the quality of images.

WebPages and videos that we see online have drastically improved. Improved quality means bigger size. The files with greater size are not really bandwidth friendly. The bandwidth tool provides a way to make the files of bigger size more affordable for our internet bandwidth.

The bandwidth tool shrinks and minimizes the size of HTML pages and CSS style sheets used for html. This tool also helps in minimizing the size of videos being viewed online or downloaded.

Bandwidth Tool

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It also aids in making the sizes of images smaller.

Bandwidth tool benefits

This bandwidth tool drastically improves your download speed and also the upload speed of your internet connection. Many applications that we run on our computer use internet to download updates and other softwares without notifying the user. This results in bandwidth congestion. By using bandwidth tool we can put a limit on the bandwidth used by different applications. This lowers the bandwidth congestion. Hence increasing the download and upload speed of your internet connection. This tool uses the caching technology to increase the internet speed. The software creates a .htaccess file which caches the files, WebPages or images recently used. This also increases the internet speed.

bandwidth tool

By using this tool you can monitor your network’s traffic. You can see what is being downloaded and what is being uploaded. You can monitor what is being downloaded by each of the applications. You can also monitor a specific application and see what its uploading and downloading.

This is a very important factor it can help to minimize spam. A lot of applications that we install use our email address and spam our entire contact list. By the use of this application we can always see what our applications are sending and receiving hence bringing spam under control.

This tool will help you in lowering the cost of bandwidth. When you know how much bandwidth you actually need then you will only buy the required bandwidth. By using this tool you can avoid the server and bandwidth performance bottle necks. This tool is great solution to all your bandwidth problems.

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