Bandwidth monitoring software is the new solution to traffic meter applications in your Windows environment. Bandwidth monitoring software has been engineered for absolute customization and incorporates all the finest features from its predecessor as well as introducing a whole new world of customization, reliability and features which the IT market requested.

Bandwidth monitoring software is an ideal tool for the bandwidth conscious because it enables the user to keep a close eye on the amount of bandwidth accumulated over the current hour, day, week, month, or even year. Advanced logging tools make it easy to view the bandwidth usage and make alterations to bandwidth logs. You can also clean up old data at the touch of a button, and import your bandwidth data from predecessors of this technology.

With this technology, sculpt graphs are included to watch real-time data arriving and leaving your adapter. You can also view export graphs to real-time web feeds, customize colors, plot values, plot scales, transparency, anti-aliasing, and much more.

Just show as little or as much information as you want to, then the bandwidth monitoring software will allow you to entirely customize the data which is made available to you on the interface. You may choose from images, graphs, text information, shapes, and a customizable display canvas. You can alter opacity, drop shadows, minimize to system tray, click-through desktop mode, and so much more. You can also count your kilobytes per second to your terabytes in a month, all in a unique and customizable GUI.