Bandwidth Monitoring Software


Today, Internet has been adopted by a number of people. It is one of the cost-effective and common solutions of communication across the world. In just few years, we have moved from dial up internet connection to cable broadband and ADSL. The available limit of bandwidth has increased that also increased the demand.

There are many package options available for internet connection according to their download limits. Some internet service providers have set download limits on their internet packages. Different providers deal differently with their users who exceed the limit such as extra charges, threatening messages. Due to this restriction, the usage of bandwidth monitoring software is becoming popular.


Nowadays, there are variety of bandwidth monitoring tools are available. It can be categorized into two broad types;

  • Software
  • Hardware

For Home

Software solution for the bandwidth monitoring is the best to choose because they are readily and freely available for home use. Some types of software pieces can be installed and set to run on boot. This way they start logging soon as somebody starts to use the PC. It starts warming when preset limits are reached.

For Business

Business solutions are bit complicated but there are also few open source solutions are available with logging servers on an enterprise level. Hardware solution can be used for this purpose.

Bandwidth monitoring software is becoming very popular and useful for both business and home users. You can find plenty of bandwidth monitoring hardware and software solutions in the market.

Functions of Bandwidth monitoring software:

Network bandwidth software gives you detailed information of what’s being utilized daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The reports can be provided all together or separately.

These are mainly used to check out the volume of bandwidth being utilized in real time. It provides network incoming and outgoing traffic information statistically. It helps to keep track of a number of network internet connections on a single computer at any given time.