Bandwidth monitoring software?


Why install Bandwidth monitoring software is very important for every network, whether it is a home network or office network.

It is necessary for each network since it makes sure that your bandwidth is not being wasted. It also makes sure that your bandwidth usage stays under the limit set by the company itself.

These days ISPs make sure that you sign up for a particular bandwidth plan so that they can charge you more if you exceed the bandwidth limit set by the company. Moreover bandwidth monitor also helps to being spam under control. Bandwidth monitor also helps to bring viruses under control.

Bandwidth monitoring software makes sure that your bandwidth is equally divided between every computer connected to the network.

bandwidth monitoring software

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This software makes sure that none of the computer on the network uses more bandwidth then the other computers on the network. It keeps the network congestion under control. The bandwidth manager doesn’t let any computer on the network download heavy media files using torrent.

Using a torrent on a shared network deprive other people of all the network bandwidth. Bandwidth manager keeps this behavior under control.

Bandwidth monitoring software

By using a bandwidth manager you can keep check on amount of bytes being downloaded and uploaded. You can also fix a quota of bytes for download and upload. This way you will never cross the limit of bandwidth set by the ISP Company.

Many applications are installed on your computer and some of them connect to internet without user’s permission. These applications download many unwanted updates and other software without notifying the user.

This eats up the allotted bandwidth. In order to save yourself from paying extra charges you need to install bandwidth manager. It will keep all downloads under control. Bandwidth manager doesn’t let any application connect to internet and download anything.

bandwidth monitoring software

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This saves your bandwidth.

You can also set upload and download quota.

This software also decreases the size of web pages, HTML pages, CSS pages and also the size of JavaScript used on the web pages. If you are viewing videos online or images this software also decreases the size of videos and images.

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