Bandwidth meter speed test


Why would I need a bandwidth meter? These days ISPs provide very high internet speed. They offer us many packages, and we have to choose from various packages that which package will be best for our home or office.

As technology is progressing, internet speed is also increasing day by day, to a great extent. Up to 10 gb/ second internet speed is now available.

One problem that we all face is that we are not sure that whether we are getting the internet speed that we paid for?

Bandwidth Meter

Many times we face slow uploads and download rates.

Bandwidth meter

At those times we wonder whether we are getting the speed that we paid for or not.

There are many ways to test your bandwidth speed. One easiest way is to use a bandwidth meter.

Bandwidth meters are available in different forms. Some bandwidth meter comes in the form of desktop applications that you install on your desktop. These bandwidth meters tell you the upload speed and download speed.

Then you can compare this speed with the speed that your ISP has promised you.

Sometimes it happens that speeds are not low all the time there are few hours in a day when speed is low because a lot of people are using internet at the same time.

However if you are constantly facing slow speed issue, then you certainly need to complain about this to your ISP.

Now bandwidth meters are also available online. You can easily check your upload and download speed online.

You do not even need to install a desktop application.

Bandwidth Meter

Factoring Calculator HRP shows the costs for a previously selected use of bandwidth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These online bandwidth meters let you compare your results with other users who are using same package and same ISP as you are using. This way you can know whether it is only you who is facing problem or everybody else is facing the same problem.

These online bandwidth meters also let you publish your results on blogs.

Many people discuss network issues on blogs.

Tech Blogs.

If you maintain a tech savvy blog then you can publish your ISP result on your blog. Now you do not need to suffer if your ISP is unable to give you the desired speed, you can simple go and complain about it.

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