Internet bandwidth monitoring software


Internet bandwidth monitoring software will display a graph over time of your connection behavior. It will also show you real-time displays for upload and download transfer. You can check averages, peaks, and low points. Bandwidth testing can be no easier than this.

Internet bandwidth monitoring software is a meter that monitors your internet connection real time and will store all data recorded into an MS Access database, so it can be easily imported into almost any application.internet-computer-monitor This data can be used to help in resolving problem with your internet connection. Internet bandwidth monitoring software is a must for resolving connection issues. It has the flexibility to allow you to view the data in many ways to suit your needs.

Most internet bandwidth monitoring software also has the following features

Save your connection behavior for as long as you specify.
• Fully automated updates.
• Large graph display, showing everything at the same time.
• You can monitor network connections as well as Broadband Internet connections.

• You can also monitor dial-up connections using the (local Host).
• You can save monitoring data back to 90 days.
• Quick and easy viewing of saved data.
• Floating bar graphs allowing you to view the monitoring data on your desktop.
• Floating bar graphs can be set to translucent in Windows XP, allowing you to see
through the bars.
• An Optional Icon showing Download Upload, and Ping bar graph data.
• An Optional Icon or 3 individual Optional icons showing numeric. Download Upload, and Ping data.

• Averaging, Peak, Real-time and Lull capture of data.
• The ability to change colors of each data display.
• Ability to ping a website to estimate connections speeds.
• Ping Packet size up to 1k.

• Real-time display of upload, download and ping reply.
• Knowing when the internet was active, for how long and how much was transferred.
• Broadband modems need to be power cycled now and then, the internet bandwidth monitoring software shows you when your connection is slow.
• Ability to view saved data in a graph.